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Hi, I'm William Hubert, and I am raising money for Speed the Light with a 100 mile bike-a-thon. 

When I was at camp this summer, God called me to raise $4,000 for Speed The Light (STL). STL is a Missions organization that provides missionaries with cars or jeeps and electronic and sound equipment so they can do what God's called them to do. One of their main projects is WorldServe, who drill wells in Africa in closed-off Muslim or oppressed areas where it's nearly impossible to get in. The wells create a window because the areas have no clean water and 80% of the diseases are caused by impure water. Then, WorldServe plants churches next to the wells.

On August 21 I will bike 100 miles, and I would appreciate any pledges per mile or support you'd like to give me.

Please send your pledges to; so I can record your name and pledge. 

Use the Make A Donation button below to give your pledge when I complete my ride. Choose Speed the Light as the category for giving and put my name in the memo line.  All donations are tax-deductible.

Click here for more information about Speed the Light